Adelle Archer on what Motivates Her at Eterneva

Adelle Archer partnered with a friend to launch Eterneva, a reputable grief wellness technology firm. She currently serves the organization as the CEO. Her organization turns people and pets ashes into diamonds. The businesswoman acquired her MBA from an Austin-based institution, and her education has been crucial during her entrepreneurial career. When she graduated, the CEO held top leadership roles at several organizations, including Bigcommerce. Related article here

Adelle’s experience in various companies enabled her to perfect her leadership skills and prepared her to steer Eterneva to success. Her work and achievements have been featured on multiple platforms, including Forbes and Inc. She also made a presentation on Shark Tank, which impressed billionaire Mark Cuban. The Austin-based businesswoman believes in the idealism of one’s youth.

According to her, most people tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses and firmly believe they can transform the world. She continues to invest in the feeling and often takes paths where she can do meaningful things. Like any other entrepreneur, Adelle acknowledges that she faces challenges while running her company.

For instance, she got into politics while in college, as she saw this was the perfect way to make the world a better place. Adelle Archer established a libertarian club while studying and was delighted after seeing how free-market solutions could solve society’s everyday issues. However, when she moved to Washington, D.C, she realized politics wasn’t her path.

Following her heart has been helpful during her business career. Adelle recently revealed that building a business that does something more significant than herself motivates her to succeed in her entrepreneurial career. For her, success isn’t just about material gains or personal achievements.

Instead, it’s about leaving a lasting legacy. Adelle was required to write her eulogy during her university education, which she believes was a transformative experience. This made her more energetic; Adelle realized she could become a successful entrepreneur. Read More: