Alejandro Betancourt Success Journey

Alejandro Betancourt, current director of O’Hara Administration, is a visionary investor with extensive knowledge in energy and CPC. He currently serves as president of Hawkers co, an iconic Spanish brand proliferating and famous globally for affordable prices and eco-friendly designs. The success of hawkers was based on consolidating together the right people to stabilize the firm, and Lopez brought in mass ideas to the founders at the right moment. Alejandro Betancourt graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics at Suffolk University. His professional career began managing several companies, including BDK group, in 2004, where he expanded the banking services in Africa. He was the Latin American director of trade for ICC-OEOC, an oil exploration and drilling company, which later gave him the position of the executive trader in its UK Delegation.

Alejandro Betancourt is currently a significant shareholder of pacific exploration and Production, previously known as Pacific Rubiales energy Corp. an oil-producing company operating mainly in Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, and Belize. As a board of directors, Betancourt played a crucial part in expanding the pacific exploration and Production Company to other countries in America. Betancourt joined Job and talent in 2018, a dominant digital temporary staffing agency, and actively engaged in a funding campaign that raised over $10 million for the company.

Alejandro Betancourt is the co-founder of O’Hara administration, an international asset management company. The company has a stake in a wide variety of asset vehicles and in Pacific exploration and Production Corporation, a company Betancourt is active in and recently received a significant share of Hawkers, a fashion and technology company. The company is working on getting sunglasses from Hawkers to more than 40 enterprises.

Alejandro Betancourt is also the largest shareholder of Easy pay gateway, a company dealing with data enrichment and online payments. He has also been involved in several social programs due to his belief that people in power should uplift and support the community. He has helped improve education in Bolivar by donating free learning kits and constructing a new module for Carmen Salles School. He also partnered with Simon Bolivar University to execute several educational schemes.