All About Author Solutions As A Leading Supported Self-Publishing Services Provider

Author Solutions is the worldwide leader in giving self-publishing services. The establishment was launched in 1997, and since then, it has helped and sustained the professional mission of uncountable authors.

More than two hundred and fifty thousand authors have had their breakthrough in publishing, with the firm facilitating publishing of more than three hundred thousand titles. Author Solutions became famous for forming a career path and positively influencing the lives of many writers during the initial days of self-publishing.

By using the firm’s wide range of resources, industry knowledge, and contacts, authors achieve self-defined success in their work. The supported self-publishing service provider also helps actualize their clients’ dreams of having their work featured on screens, bookstores and also get performed in the form of films by tirelessly rendering their support in every step of the journey. Their supported self-publishing process, which is exclusively author-centered, allows authors autonomy in their work, helping them retain complete control of their creativity.

Author Solutions help authors keep up on their visions. A skilled and experienced team of experts is at the disposal of any author seeking a difference in their publishing experience. The experts guide you as the author as you take charge of everything, including editing, proofreading, and deciding on the design and outlook. The firm has imprints all over the world across five continents.

Their supported self-publishing imprints are found in more than ten countries and have significantly contributed to the success of more than 250,000 authors with more than 300,000 titles published under them. Such significant achievements have also been made possible by their beneficial resource such as iUniverse and Author Learning Center. Read this article, for related information.

Their services seek to make publishing more affordable and manageable without one necessarily having to have industry contact. The Bloomington, Indiana-based firm has major industry giants such as HarperCollins Christian and Simon & Schuster.


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