Bhanu Choudhrie morning routine

Being different and unique is what makes people succeed in businesses. Bhanu Choudhrie does not deny the fact that he a unique venture capitalist. After getting up at six thirty in the morning, Bhanu begins his very busy day by checking and replying to his numerous emails.

This morning hours are also used to watch the important news in the global arena. Bhanu checks his daily news updates from Bloomberg and CNN. The venture capitalist checks Indian platforms to get informed about current affairs in India and other global platforms.

Financial news excites the billionaire. When analyzing the global finance news, the leader notices the news trends that can be used in his wide businesses. The trends prove to the very helpful when Bhanu is developing his business strategies.

Bhanu Choudhrie doesn’t want to change this morning culture because it suits his professional life the most. The schedule has pushed him to the best performance levels too, and he wishes to maintain in for more years. After this routine, Bhanu Choudhrie adjusts to the rest of the day well.

When going far away from home or just the normal office duties, Bhanu Choudhrie must get to his office to have the breakfast meetings. After the early morning meetings, Bhanu works in his London office for several hours. By ten in the morning, the executive will get to numerous meetings and calls from all regions of the world.

These meetings are mostly meant to streamline business operations in his global firms. By the time he is going for his lunch break, the entrepreneur has accomplished so much for this company. The lunch breaks are not just for taking lunch. The venture capitalist will mostly utilize this time to speak to his teams about businesses and how goals can be reached fast.

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