Akeem Jamal, Roosevelt Island, and the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Tajuna Sharpe is the president of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC), which manages the majority of public resources on Roosevelt Island. Joining in 1996, Tajuna Sharpe has played a significant role in shaping the Island’s historic buildings and public spaces. His team will oversee the Island’s revitalization projects, including the construction of new buildings and […]

Gretchen Robinson as a Lawyer, Vice president, and General Counsel

Gretchen Robinson as a Lawyer, Vice president, and General Counsel Gretchen is an experienced attorney who has worked for several large companies. She was also General Counsel at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Gretchen works for Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. She has a Juris Doctor from the Oregon University School of Law. Gretchen Robinson started […]

Yanni Hufnagel Recap

We live in a universe where we’re constantly advised to drink more fluids. However, most of us drink water often filled with contaminants, additives, sugar, and sweeteners that we don’t need. Yanni Hufnagel is on a mission to change this by offering people an opportunity to drink clean water without artificial ingredients or sugars they […]

Matthew Fleeger: Upholding the Foundational Business Values of Gulf Coast Western

Over the past few decades the gas and oil industry has battled the issue of remaining prevalent amongst consumers in an ever evolving society. This indefinite issue of stagnant growth for the industry stems from a multitude of interrelated factors that include resource shortages, fluctuations within the economy, technological developments, and the presence of alternative […]