Bhanu’s Input in his Career in Business

S-Ventures is happy to state that Bhanu Choudhrie joined the directors of S-Ventures company, serving as a non-executive director to assist the company in expanding and marketing its organic snacking portfolio. Bhanu leads and maintains a global private firm and family office firm in various industries, including hotels, banking, aviation, real estate, and technology. Work […]

Alexander Payne and his Movie Making Process.

The director of a movie is the one who sets the tone for the story and creates an emotional connection for an audience. A director’s job is multifaceted, including choosing the actors, shooting locations, and music used in a movie. when interviewed with the Hollywood Reporter, Alexander Payne explained how he approaches his work and […]

How Listening Has helped Alexander Payne in Hollywood

The art of listening is something that is highly valued by most of the individuals who have been handling very many issues in the community. A huge number of people have never thought that the issue of listening is good to be the major reason why they would be achieving growth and success while others […]