The Learning Strategy Used At IM Academy

IM Academy is a startup created in 2013. The goal of this company is to provide online education for foreign exchanges through interactive exercises. This startup has no physical office space, allowing them to hire employees from around the world. This has also allowed them to provide diverse learning materials for more international exchanges. Each […]

Why IM Academy’s Popularity Has Increased Significantly In the Last Few Months

Many professionals in the education industry have realized that there is a high demand for higher education institutions. Therefore, some have decided to start colleges in different countries to offer education programs for students taking different courses. Some of the colleges that started operating a few years ago have continued gaining popularity. However, most of […]

ClassDojo: An Educational App that Listens to Teachers

ClassDojo has become a major player in education, with more than 25 million users worldwide. The classroom management app was built by listening to teachers’ needs—and that strategy paid off. When ClassDojo co-founder Kunal Shah, a former product manager at Google, started working on the app in August 2011, he knew it had to be […]

Three Reasons to Study at Online Trading Academy according to Former Economist of SEC

Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, the former chief economist at Online Trading Academy, compared the financial education offered at different financial institutions. During the interview, he expressed his concern about the inadequate financial training most institutions offer their scholars. Dr. Harris even said that some universities are amongst the institutions offering scholars trading skills that can’t […]