O crescente mercado imobiliário português

Lisboa está a tornar-se num dos destinos mais procurados da Europa para investidores e empreendedores. Ela é o epicentro da ascenção de startups, o que significa que mais empresas e novos investidores estão a migrar parascenção de startups, o que significa que mais empresas e novos investidores estã a cidade. Por sua vez, os preços […]

 Why Brandon Taubman Believes Technology Can Change the Fortunes of Various Businesses

As the current information highlights, various organizations have been struggling to maintain their effectiveness in the market. These companies do not know the techniques that they ought to consider using in their business operations to remain relevant in the market. However, as a business leader who has been very successful in the market, Brandon Taubman […]

Philip Belamant Declares that Zilch has Hit 2 Million Users

Zilch is a fintech company based in London that is setting records for tremendous growth; therefore, showing customers’ response to the establishment’s commitment to succeed as described by Philip Belamant, the CEO. In late 2021, Zilch’s net value was approximately $2B, shortly after Series A. Therefore, Zilch is the most successful unicorn in Europe. Philip […]

Miki Agrawal: An entrepreneur who uses creativity to change culture and status quo

Miki Agrawal’s Co-Founder, CEO, and CMO, Tushy, is at the forefront of the disrupting clothing industry. She is shaking things up by re-engineering sweat pants into a way-to-wear item that can be worn 365 days per year and combat all the fashion and body issues people face daily. Tushy’s consumers want to wear comfortable clothing […]

John W. Hayden of Hauser Private Equity Recognition by Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Laureate award of achievement recognition is celebrated in the more significant part of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The award is given to individuals who have made remarkable impacts beyond their respective fields by improving communities via their leadership. John Hayden, a board member in Hauser Private Equity, received the award from the […]

Leo Radvinsky’s Top Reasons for Backing Open Source Technology

A tech entrepreneur and visionary business leader, Leonid Radvinsky has been a vocal supporter of open source software throughout his career. His areas of expertise include investing in emerging technology, such as the RAD software suite B4X, and bringing it to scale by transitioning it to an open source model. Here are just three of […]

Darien Dash is Giving Competitive Tips to the Smaller Companies

According to Darien Dash, the modern business environment is very good. Very many startup organizations have all the necessary technology they need to handle most of the extreme issues that they have been coming up in the business sector. There is also the huge availability of business resources and investments. Therefore, it is very easier […]

How Heath Ritenour Has Changed the Life of a Young Man Diagnosed with Cancer

There are various professionals who operate in specific sectors that are specifically meant to help people. When such a statement is mentioned, most of the individuals will associate such approaches to the healthcare sector and other nursing homes where senior people are assisted by various professionals. However, it is essential to indicate that there are […]