Boraie Development and Shaquille O'Neal’s Partnership In Newark

The Shaq 4 Newark campaign, which seeks to rebuild the urban core and quell the spread of violent crime in America’s most dangerous cities, ascended from declarations by the basketball legend on a Los Angeles rooftop to an unrelenting marketing strategy that has resulted in seven multi-family residential projects for low-income and middle-class families. A […]

Philip Belamant Declares that Zilch has Hit 2 Million Users

Zilch is a fintech company based in London that is setting records for tremendous growth; therefore, showing customers’ response to the establishment’s commitment to succeed as described by Philip Belamant, the CEO. In late 2021, Zilch’s net value was approximately $2B, shortly after Series A. Therefore, Zilch is the most successful unicorn in Europe. Philip […]

Stephen Bittel: Why Geographical Diversification Is The Best Approach In Real Estate Business

Anyone who has been in the investment industry already knows that organizations have been adopting some innovative techniques that can help them to deal with risks. There is no organization that is working to operate in the business environment without expecting to come across some of the complex issues that are usually related to most […]