CEO W[-orld Magazine’s Spotlight on Haroldo Jacobovicz

An article in CEO world Magazine came up that introduces Haroldo Jacobovicz and describes an interview with him. Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of Horizon Telecom, which is described as a very respected telecommunications supplier. In the article, a recap of the interview describes the motives that CEO Haroldo Jacobovicz said drove him to succeed.

One of the most important to note is his drive to help people, he gets the most satisfaction out of seeing how his business improves people’s daily lives. The article also describes his path to success, noting some early experience as a researcher in information technology, experience attempting to start a company called Microsystem, as well as experience in working for ExxonMobil, which all helped guide him to where he is today.

At his core he was always an entrepreneur and building on these experiences Haroldo Jacobovicz was able to develop Horizon Telecom. Finally, the article describes the daily habits he practices that help him succeed as well as some advice that he has for young readers. He seeks to improve on something each and every day.

One habit he has developed is getting up every morning early and working out. He notes that this sets him up for success right away. Committing to learning is an important key to success as well for him. The advice he has for students now is the same he would have for his younger self.

He advises that students focus more time on learning and studying in the moment instead of trying to earn money right away. The most important advice that Haroldo Jacobovicz can give though is to dedicate oneself to the development of talent and work ethic, working toward goals is the most fundamental aspect of success.

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