Data Science and the Influence It’s Had on Brandon Taubman’s Career

Brandon Taubman has spent his life moving around three career spaces, including data science, real estate, and sports management. He has a method to enter each of these career paths. However, he started as a data scientist before joining the other two.

As a kid, Brandon Taubman was always passionate about things related to data science. He wanted to know more about equations and formulas that could be used in making decisions, school work, and even hobbies. Because of this, he joined Cornell University, where he earned his Bachelor’s Science Degree in Applied Economics and Management.

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He joined the corporate world and was intrigued by how numeric economic theories could influence decisions and scenarios in the real world. There was a high demand for decisions backed by data models in the corporate world. He later moved to Wall Street and worked with many firms, including Ernst & Young and Barclays Capital. He took on roles that required intense modelling and predictive analytics to enhance portfolio management.

Because of his vast experience in data science, Brandon Taubman is now the Chief Information Officer at Stablewood Properties. It is a real estate company that combines data analytics & machine learning and the traditional ways of real estate investment to meet its obligations.

On top of this, Brandon Taubman was also a great baseball fan. He always thought of himself being a player someday. However, this did not come to fruition. Therefore, when a window opened which he could use his data analytic skills to enhance the sport, he jumped in without much hesitation. He did this through the help of his friends, who were also using analytical models and formulas to manage the teams they loved.

He joined a big team and started working with them. Soon after, he created an impact on the team that could not be ignored. In conjunction with the management, they could decide player signings, extensions, and trades.