David Parrot Ruffles the Feathers of Life

David Parrottuf is an education administrator who graduated from the University of Louisville with a Doctor of Education degree. He is known for his administrative roles at the University of Florida, University of Louisville, Western Michigan University, Texas A$M University, and Western Kentucky University. 

He has also held other leadership positions, and his experiences have taught him how to balance his work and personal life perfectly. Life-work balance is a principle that allows people to achieve equilibrium between their career demands and personal life. 

David Parrottuf has two sons, and he says he and his wife discussed work-life balance before they had kids. 

After having kids, however, they found their idea hard to achieve in real life, which drove them to adopt a life-career blend. Instead of separating his career and personal life with the life-work balance idea, he chose to blend them into one manageable part. 

David Parrottuf says he took his children to work, for example, around campus when he had projects to oversee and attend events. He says that it not only made him enjoy the company of his kids as he worked but also shaped their career paths. 

He also says that he tries to balance that by making time to go to his children, like attending their schools and events. 

David Parrottuf also adds the life career blend has helped shape his marriage. Many people who work in higher education administration have to move frequently to different states, which was no different for him. 

He, however, says that he and his wife decided to travel that career path together, meaning they are together most of the time. David Parrottuf says he and his wife have worked together in Texas A&M, Western Michigan, Bowling Green State University, the University of Florida, and are currently at the University of Louisville.