Dean Omar Branham Shirley and Legal Services for Your Case




Dean Omar Branham Shirley provides legal services that could make all the difference in your specific case. He specializes in the following areas.


Dean Omar can help you in cases where you’ve developed this type of cancer specifically. The reason for this is because it’s possible that neglect on the part of the building owner to remove dangerous materials could have had something to do with cancer. Make sure to contact Dean Omar Branham Shirley today to get a proper consultation.

Product Liability

If you’ve used products like food or drugs that have made you sick or caused some other problem, then it may be worth it to contact this lawyer about potential compensation. This could be any product with a flaw, including parts of vehicles. 

Catastrophic Injury

Having a loved one die or become injured is likely to change your life forever. One option that may be open to you is receiving compensation if this happened to your loved one due to the neglect of a person or group.

Unpaid Wages

Sometimes employers hold back wages or try to hide how much they owe by asking you to do work off the clock. If you contact the office, they may be able to recover some of these wages for you.

Consumer Class Action and Shareholder Liability

If a company has lied to you about a product, then you may be able to get compensation as a group over that product in a class-action suit. The same applies to shareholders wronged by a company.