Doug Haynes Philanthropic Works and Impressive Career Path

DoughDoug Haynes has a fair share of impressive accolades attached to his name. The first tag to this mechanical engineer’s name has to be that he graduated summa cum laude from West Virginia University. He was a Shermet Scholar at Darden Graduate Business School, where he got his MBA.

This amazing educational background set the tone for the breathtaking careers Doug Haynes has been privileged to be in. The long list of roles he has played ranges from counselor to some industry bigwigs to partner in major companies. One of his earlier achievements was working as a software developer for the CIA. He worked as a senior partner at McKinsey from 1992, where he co-founded developing the company’s high-tech operations and basic materials practices. After serving the company for twenty-two years as a member in the Connecticut, Atlanta, New York and London offices, he retired to pursue other fields of interest.

His most recent venture was at an equity hedge fund asset management company, Point72. There were notable positive changes when Doug Haynes worked at Point72, including;

  • Launching the company’s venture capital portfolio
  • Restoring the founder’s SEC license
  • General performance improvement compared to the industry’s peers

This impressive roaster of different roles exposed him to the relevant knowledge he needs to be a great advisor to company executives. He is the current President of the Council and managing partner at Council Advisors.

It may seem that his enviable career makes Doug Haynes a great man but far from it. His involvement with different charities is the icing on the cake of his life. He is largely involved with charitable organizations whose efforts are geared towards poverty eradication, improving education and supporting veterans. The funds raised for this veteran’s charity go towards researching neurological disorders such as TBI and PTSD and providing mental health services to veterans. Some of his charity works are;

  • Founding member of Cohen Veteran’s Network, The Center for Global Enterprise and Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience.
  • Board member at Robin Hood Foundation in New York.
  • Advisor to founders of various start-ups, including Vega Factor, Obsidian Asset Management and ChainIQ.
  • Board Member at Camp Southern Ground in Georgia.
  • Board member and\or advisor at the Canterbury School, Darden Graduate School of Business, Randolph Macon Academy and Singtel Corporation.

He is a father to five children with his wife Laurice, and they currently reside in Scarborough, New York.