Dr. Andrea Natale: World-Renowned Cardiologist

Dr. Natale AndreaDr. Andrea Natale is a world-renowned cardiologist and professor at Harvard Medical School with over 30 years of experience in cardiovascular disease management–from prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Dr. Natale has been recognized as one of the most influential figures in cardiology by Newsweek Magazine for his pioneering work in medical education and healthcare policy reform.

His Background

Dr. Andrea Natale graduated from the University of Florence Medical and Surgery school in Italy. He received his medical degree and worked for several years as a general practitioner before choosing to pursue a career in cardiovascular disease management. In 1983, Dr. Natale completed his internship at the American Hospital of Paris and then completed post-graduate work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston) and Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York). He received his cardiology training from Harvard Medical School.

Atrial Fibrillation

As a Harvard medical school professor and an expert in cardiovascular disease management, Dr. Natale has made numerous contributions to the field of cardiology, including research into the alerting signs of atrial fibrillation (AF). This serious heart rhythm problem can lead to stroke. AF is currently diagnosed with an electrocardiogram (ECG) and is treated with blood thinners. Unfortunately, the ECG can be difficult to read and often results in misdiagnosis, while blood thinners have a serious risk of bleeding complications.

Dr. Natale recently conducted a study that found an effective way to detect AF using biomarkers in urine samples. The new method relies on Dr. Natale’s prior work on a test that can identify patients with AF by measuring the levels of thyroid hormones in urine.

His Received Honors

Dr. Natale has been recognized for his groundbreaking research and contributions to the field of cardiology by Time Magazine, The New York Times, and several other prestigious publications. He is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and seminars around the world and has written various journal articles on a wide variety of medical topics, including:

Stroke Prevention,

Heart Attack Detection and Treatment,

Premature heart failure in the young,

Acquired and congenital heart disease.

He advises people to stay physically active.

Exercise can significantly reduce your risk for several health conditions, including stroke, heart attack, and hypertension. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day will be beneficial.