Georgette Mulheir and Defend Haiti´s Democracy Organization

Haiti got well known for having earthquakes of 7.0 in 2010 and led to the killing of over 200,000 people. The crisis started when most donors gave aid to help the families of those touched by the pandemic. Out of these corruption scandals erupted, and sexual abuse got experienced to the women and abuse of children by senior members of the Haiti Team. Georgette Mulheir came to Haiti in 2014 to help the country rebuild by setting up a system that will support vulnerable families and children. Child trafficking had arisen so which she discovered would ruin the community since most of them were orphanages. Much deceiving and coercing got the country to the low-income families in favor of helping them.


Georgette Mulheir explains The Haiti slavery started in 1804 by the former slave colony, and at the end of their colonial rule, they became the first country to be against slavery. In today’s context, the debate on compensating the children of those who suffered in the enslaver is still underway. Georgette Mulheir points out that, in 1947 the Haitian government was forced to repay the repatriates for their loss from France colonialism. FOR TWENTY YEARS, the USA conducted an illegal occupation, leading to dictatorship, military coups, and failed leadership. It resulted from too many struggles and led to natural disasters that mark the road to democracy.


Georgette Mulheir says Haiti faced many considerable challenges, and Haiti needs the support of everyone to restore democracy and peace in their country. Much demonstrated got aimed against Moise’s administration since the report released by the senate shows corruption scandals much attributed to his administration. Due to these demonstrations, his administration tightened power and stayed firm that he can’t live under the power of a full dictatorship in Haiti. Georgette Mulheir explains that in 2019 he failed to empower the body mandated to conduct elections, thus a non-performing parliament. Instead, he got loyal people to high government to senior positions to administer on behalf before the next election. His term in office needed February 2021, and he has been in office illegally. He established a new police force called Secret force, which triggers extrajudicial killings highly condemned by international human rights bodies.