How Alejandro Betancourt Inspired the Hawkers Success Story

Hawkers is a fashion eyewear venture that has laid a blueprint for what financial success should be. Rarely do new companies come out with success stories, financially. However, there are ways to ensure a business gets the right edge especially after applying the perfect strategy. This company has become among the best-performing ventures in the eyewear sector, becoming a unique brand even on social media.

The company managed to grow the annual revenue to approximately $100 million thanks to the founders deciding to seek help from a specialist. Alejandro Betancourt, the current president determined the new company direction. Alejandro Betancourt ensured that the products resonated perfectly with the youth and also the company harnessed the popularity across the globe.

Hawkers was not meant to sell sunglasses because the four initiators thought about the opportunity when thinking about alternative methods for financing another business. They intended to establish a Craigslist version in Spain, a brand that resold the California sunglasses. Within two years, they had made revenues worth $60 million.

Since the founders were not ready to venture deeper into the fashion sector, they experienced several barriers. They were earning a lot, but it was absorbed by the production expenses. This was the time these founders hired Alejandro Betancourt, a successful investor.

He was already a famous figure in business because of his exploits at O’Hara Administration, an asset management venture that had organized several projects in the past. Alejandro Betancourt discovered many things regarding why some companies succeed while others struggle to establish themselves.

Betancourt’s instincts were perfectly documented to benefit Hawkers because he managed to tap the brand’s core values accordingly. The company rendered valuable products at affordable prices, a perfect proposition that the youth want. The majority of the sunglasses are ordered online because of their success in social media where they showcase the brand. To know more click: here.