Jason Hope Advancement to Help Track Climate Change

Climate change has been a vast topic that has continued to gain a lot of attention globally. The rise of wildfires has led to keeping on track on surveillance awareness on wildlife and unprotected areas.


Jason Hope


Jason Hope has also been drawn to the topic, and he suggests that technology has the solutions. Climate change caused by human changes or natural causes approaches to capture data and track these changes can be achievable. The approaches play a vital role in coming up with solutions to prevent these climate change events. Jason Hope believes that the internet is a powerful tool to collect and pass on the required information to avoid climatic disasters and save the environment. Jason Hope believes the IoT-equipped devices would help solve the climate changes. These devices will assist in data collection and support a protective measure that can lessen the damages. Some of the technology Jason Hope researches on are as follows.


Instant Detect 2.0

The Zoological Society of London launched this monitoring device. Instant Detect 2.0 is aimed to trail wildlife and human activity. The device can identify potential hazards, including illegal human activities such as poaching, to protect the endangered species in the world. Instant Detect 2.0 is enhanced with camouflaged cameras and robust radio transmission reporting technology to monitor even the dense forested area and remote areas. As an activist investor, Jason Hope has played a vital role for the monitoring device to be quite successful. 


Rainforest Connection

This system is aimed to combat rainforest destruction. It detects activities that do not relate to the rainforest environment. The device is supported by solar energy to keep them operating. For Jason Hope, this is a full investment trustworthy. 



Trail guard cameras and built-in vision systems were launched in association with Intel and some nonprofit initiatives.TrailGuard operates on an innovative vision system to process images. Jason Hope advocates this type of technology to help reduce the cases of bias reporting.