Jonas Lauren Norr: Making Great Investments

Jonas Lauren Norr is one of the most prominent investors and entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley. He is always looking for new and innovative companies that he can support and invest in. For both long term and short term investments, Jonas Lauren Norr is a great investment to have for both financial support and leadership support. His help and guidance can help improve the overall success of any company. He uses diverse investments and opportunities to strengthen his portfolio and build his reputation.


Recently, Jonas Lauren Norr was appointed to the board of directors for Crest Resources Inc. He has invested with this company since 2000, but was just recently appointed to their board. As a board member, he will be able to have more influence over the direction of the company and work hard to make sure that the company is growing and acquiring the best possible investments. 


Jonas Lauren Norr is the co-founder of Gravity Ranch Ventures and has worked as a founder or a CEO of a few other major companies. His overall experience and expertise lies within the fields of renewable energy, biotech, education, media and technology. With his experience and his abilities, he is hoping to improve upon the current marketing and financial strategies of Crest Resources Inc. He was the co-founder of Crypto Lotus and a managing partner as well. This experience as a co-founder and partner helped him more fuller understand the demands of running a business and setting it up for success from the early stages of inception. He has worked as a founding partner of QMobility, Qoo Engery, Nexcentrica Capital Partners and Ethos Carbon Commerce. Each company allowed him to advance his knowledge and skills about how companies work, grow, invest, and make plans for the future success of the company itself.


Jonas Lauren Norr held half a million stock options in the company before his appointment to the board of directors. He has recently helped the company partner with Ore Capital Partners to help grow the company and find new sectors to invest in. The transaction has helped increase the stock prices of the company and give all investors more security with their investments. 

Crest Resources Inc. is based out of British Columbia and uses the stock exchange symbol CRES. This company looks to support all of their investors with a diverse portfolio and expertise in a varying assortment of sectors. While the company is still young, it is making great investments in other companies and its workers to provide a valuable pay off for all investors. Jonas Lauren Norr is just one of the major plays that this company is making to find even more success than it already has.