Kurt Robinson Provides an Insight into the Measures that Enabled Robinson Helicopter Operate Amidst the Pandemic

Robinson Helicopter2020 was a really tough and challenging year for millions of individuals, businesses, and industries worldwide. The outbreak and surge of the COVID-19 pandemic saw millions of employees losing their official jobs. Businesses and companies were pushed to their limits. Many of them reported a significant reduction in their daily operations while at the same time reducing the number of staff working within their premises. Moreover, many states, regions, and countries were forced to develop effective strategies that would enable them to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In California, the spread of the pandemic saw the state implementing strict measures that were geared towards minimizing the rate of public gathering. Government officials locked down the state forcing many businesses and companies to direct their staff to work from their homes. It was quite challenging for firms like Robinson Helicopter, which has a significant number of employees who must present themselves physically to complete the manufacturing cycle.

According to Kurt Robinson, the founder and head of Robison Helicopter, his company’s operations were adversely affected after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. The firm that specializes in manufacturing helicopters was forced to follow the health guidelines that were drafted by the World Health Organization. It was even tough when the California government could not clearly outline whether the company can be considered among the services providers who were allowed to operate strictly under the COVID-19 health care rules and regulations.

Robinson Helicopter

Despite the many challenges that Robinson Helicopter faced in 2020, the company did exemplarily well to serve its clients while ensuring that every employee within the production line stays safe. Kurt Robinson noted that some of the regulatory measures that the California-based firm implemented on its staff played a vital role in ensuring a good flow within the production line. The firm’s employees who were required to maintain social distance adhered to the set heath care rules making Robinson Helicopters stand out among the few companies that were operating during the lockdown. They played a vital role in ensuring that the company delivered a total of 177 helicopters. This was quite a good number, and Kurt Robinson is hopeful of seeing the company delivering more in 2021.