Laura McQuade: Leading an Expansion of Planned Parenthood in New York

According to Crain’s New York Business website, Laura McQuade was one of the most powerful women in New York for the year 2019. Coming in at number 42 out of 50 women listed, Laura McQuade was recognized for her leadership in Planned Parenthood where she served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Planned Parenthood was engaged in new development creating a new named Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. This partnership brings together an additional five affiliates to serve its healthcare community.

The site offers New York’s Planned Parenthood operating revenue of 54 million for the year 2018 and expecting 97,000 visits from 61,000 patients for the year 2019. The merged offices will operate with 110 million dollars, 28 health centers, and 900 employees. McQuade is expected to perform in be a leadership position during the development stages of this new healthcare offering. This new healthcare option hopes to provide services to over 200,000 on an annual basis.

McQuade views the expansion as an opportunity to provide better negotiating power to commercial payers. She is expecting the merger to create new partnerships with existing healthcare systems in the surrounding area. Providing additional sexual and reproductive healthcare on a statewide level is an objective of the new expansion.

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