Leo Radvinsky’s Top Reasons for Backing Open Source Technology

A tech entrepreneur and visionary business leader, Leonid Radvinsky has been a vocal supporter of open source software throughout his career. His areas of expertise include investing in emerging technology, such as the RAD software suite B4X, and bringing it to scale by transitioning it to an open source model.

Here are just three of Leo Radvinsky’s leading reasons for supporting open source software:

It’s Free

As more and more software companies embrace the open source model, users are increasingly unwilling to pay for software that they might otherwise get for free. By making your software publicly accessible, you get a headstart on your competitors.

It’s Approachable

Free open source software eliminates barriers to entry, allowing beginning and experienced developers alike to incorporate it into projects with minimal risk. The easy accessibility of open source software makes it the perfect fit for wide-scale adoption.

It’s Optimized

By providing a common base on which to build, open source technology can give rise to countless diverse applications. As a wide range of developers use open source tech, they make it safer and more efficient by finding and fixing errors.

For these reasons and more, Leonid Radvinsky is a firm proponent of open source technology as a prime driver of innovation, growth, and profit. In fact, his belief in open source technology “as a force for global equality and empowerment,” led him to establish the LR Foundation. Using a careful identification and vetting process, the LR Foundation provides essential financial support to open source projects “that sit at the intersection of technology and philanthropy.”

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