Macrina Kgil Joins Blockchain as the New CFO

Macrina Kgil joins Blockchain as the Chief Finance Officer. Blockchain is the world’s trustworthy and famous cryptocurrency platform. Macrina’s public finance functions, IPO ready, and growth establishing background will be essential in the company as it focuses on serving its thousands of influential and retail clients. In her working career, Macrina has helped companies go public, restored liability and asset disposal.

Peter Smith, Blockchain’s CEO, believes Macrina Kgil is the right person to help them build the highest order risks and finance operation as Blockchain expands its business wings. Macrina’s expertise as a finance leader will help Blockchain build robust and exceptional risk and finance functions.

Before joining Blockchain, Macrina Kgil was the CFO at OneMain Holdings and took it public successfully. Later, as the public company’s Chief Finance Officer, Macrina leveraged her experience to establish a financial team and procedures to support GPB Capital’s 100+ entities. Macrina was also the capital market operation advisor and auditor at PwC, where she used her experience to advise Fortress, a substitute asset management company, to go public.

As she joins Blockchain, Macrina Kgil says she is delighted to join the team during its expanding time. Since its launch, Blockchain has been in the frontline of innovation. She aspires to use her expertise and experience to push forward the company’s mission of establishing a better future for billions of people worldwide. The firm’s crypto adoption elements of trust, want, and need will grow significantly as Kgil joins Blockchain’s Finance and risk operation team.