Matthew Fleeger: Upholding the Foundational Business Values of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew FleegerOver the past few decades the gas and oil industry has battled the issue of remaining prevalent amongst consumers in an ever evolving society. This indefinite issue of stagnant growth for the industry stems from a multitude of interrelated factors that include resource shortages, fluctuations within the economy, technological developments, and the presence of alternative energy sources. In response to this critical issue, gas and oil companies have centered their focus on overcoming the spike in technical challenges via sought after improvements in the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of daily operations. Yet, while some companies have enforced this strategy and continue to come up short with results, other companies like Gulf Coast Western have thrived within the market due to their falling under the leadership of masterful CEOs like Matthew Fleeger.

Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western is best described as being an endeavoring entrepreneur whose experience and expertise in marketing and finance led him to establish and oversee several of his own multi-million dollar companies (Palm Beach Tan, Mystic Tan, and MedSolutions) prior to permanently taking over the family-owned business (GCW) in 2007. Upon the proof of his adept leadership abilities in the medical and tanning industries, Fleeger was given the authority to command the operations of Gulf Coast Western. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Gulf Coast Western is a gas and oil corporation that has acquired a reputation for being proficient in their tactics of exploration and development of other gas and oil reserves in the United States Gulf Coast area. Moreover, for more than 40 years GCW has demonstrated its strategical abilities in the continual formation of partnerships (aka Managing Venture of Oil & Gas General Partnerships) and via corporate expansion outside of Texas (Alabama, Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana).

Matthew Fleeger

As the CEO of such a prominent company, Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western knows that such nobility not only comes with hard work, dedication, and optimal strategizing, but it comes with the necessity of transparency as well. Although GCW has remained in business for quite a bit of time, it was during the company’s most vulnerable state that Fleeger enabled the business to acquire the most growth. As mentioned by Fleeger in recent interviews, he believes that the company has thrived primarily because of the corporation’s ethical choice to execute integrity and honesty within the generation of partnerships. Fleeger knows that by upholding this type of transparency in business dealings, other companies will continue to want to work with GCW—thus, marking the ultimate tool for long-term success.