Miki Agrawal: An entrepreneur who uses creativity to change culture and status quo

Miki Agrawal’s Co-Founder, CEO, and CMO, Tushy, is at the forefront of the disrupting clothing industry. She is shaking things up by re-engineering sweat pants into a way-to-wear item that can be worn 365 days per year and combat all the fashion and body issues people face daily. Tushy’s consumers want to wear comfortable clothing without breaking the bank.

Miki Agrawal invented THINX and launched it into the stratosphere, setting sales records and adding nearly 50 employees in the process. She founded TUSHY to transform self-censorship into cultural currency. And, she rewrote the history of the menstrual experience by creating an underwear brand dedicated to giving women what every other generation has been given: “the pleasure of being a woman.


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Miki Agrawal achieves a stronger balance in life by scaling Thinx with dedicated, positive feedback on social media. As a founder of two well-known startups, Miki says she often faces the choice of choosing her family or the product. Still, Miki finds that she can bring her personal life to life through the direct connection with the market.

To enable those looking for ways to balance the two with her bestselling book DO COOL SH*T and its subsequent expansion into a successful product line, Miki Agrawal is pleased to announce the launch of her newest product line, WILD, launching today. Everyone wants to get things done, but most workers spend most of their waking hours performing mindless, repetitive tasks.

Time studies prove that working for only 25 minutes is enough to get your brain to switch over into the “pay attention” state. But when that task turns out to be boring or something that forces your brain into a state of mindlessness, it doesn’t work. Miki Agrawal achieves both a physical and professional goal; she is determined to break down the barriers that limit women from leading in this industry.