Miki Agrawal Wants To Tackle Taboo Subjects


Miki Agrawal tackles topics that mainstream media considers taboo. Instead of focusing on what’s going on in the headlines, she looks at the bigger picture. Agrawal is a writer and entrepreneur who has a knack for finding the most impactful untold stories, whether it be about our food supply or politics.


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How Do You Break a Taboo?

According to Miki Agrawal, taboo topics hit too close to home and make it difficult for us to digest. Agrawal has a knack for uncovering society’s profound, dark, uncomfortable realities and giving them a voice.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Agrawal said that she wants to break taboo after taboo; she has also been quoted by USA Today as saying, “I want to break down every taboo on this planet.”

One of her earliest projects was looking at the media’s role in violence against women. Agrawal told The Daily Beast that If you talk about rape, it’s like, there are images of rape on TV. Television is crucial in understanding society right now, and how society perceives different types of people, and I want to break that down. It is an initiative she launched in collaboration with The Daily Beast. This initiative encourages compassion for the poor on the web.

To tackle such topics, Agrawal relies on what she calls “the empathy machine,” which plays a vital role in helping us understand both ourselves and those around us. She says that we all have this empathy machine in our brains, and it makes us care about what other people think and feel and claims that that’s why people wear makeup, follow trends, and join causes because they want to be accepted by others. In her storytelling, she uses the empathy machine to give an outside perspective that readers can connect to.


Miki Agrawal has already covered many thought-provoking headlines. She is well known for her controversial articles on female genital mutilation and the legalization of drugs. By launching the Thrive movement, she calls attention to global poverty.