Napa Valley Preaching

Approaching Hopewell Baptist Church, you see a beautiful, modern-looking, inviting place where you can hear the Word of Creator. Nearly 50 years ago, the church began in a living room of someone’s home. Many changes later, Hopewell Baptist Church is an established and passionate place of worship with a pastor who inspires the lives of so many, Pastor Mike Ray.

Pastor Ray brings Southern gentleman charm to Napa Valley, having been born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His faith and love for the Lord were instilled by his mom at an early age. Mama Ray was saved in 1965, and young Mike accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour in 1970. His mom was right behind him, praying the day Mike was saved.

Through the values and lessons taught by his parents, Pastor Mike has been sharing the Lord since the age of 16. He started his life as a pastor by preaching to youth in Sunday school. At the age of 29, Pastor Ray found his way home at Hopewell Baptist Church.

Any given Sunday, you will walk into the beautiful church and hear the quick with and humor of the dedicated man behind the pulpit. His presence and that of his lovely wife, Verna, bring a special light to the grace of Hopewell Baptist Church. When you leave after a sermon, you’re guaranteed to have a deeper understanding of faith.