Pam Baer: A Life Of Generosity

Pamela Baer is well-known and creative philanthropist based out of San Francisco. Pam grew up in Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation, she moved to New York City where she started her own marketing business. There, she met and married Larry Baer, and they moved to San Francisco.

When her son was treated at the San Francisco General Hospital after a major accident, Pam realized that she wanted to focus her philanthropic talents on healthcare. Eager to get involved, she worked on the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (SFGHF) as a board member until 2018, at which point she was named a Lifetime Director of the Board, the Foundation’s first one. To date, she has raised $250 million for the foundation.

As part of her fundraising for the SFGHF, she collaborates on the famous Hearts in San Francisco initiative, which auctions off heart sculptures made by local artists. Not only do the proceeds go to the SFGHF, but the heart sculptures placed throughout the Bay area have become beloved cultural landmarks throughout San Francisco.

With years of fundraising and entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Pam Baer started For Goodness Sake in 2014, a mobile boutique which sells proceeds to local nonprofits. Pam Baer is a Board Member of the Giants Community Fund and the Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, and also serves Family House as an Advisory Board Member. And her list of organization memberships doesn’t stop there.

How does Pam Baer find the time? For one, she starts her day off right. After meditation, coffee, and the New York Times, she finds respite in a nature walk. Then, she prioritizes her interminable to-do list. Pam loves lists. To save time and energy, she also stresses the importance of delegating tasks to teammates based on their strengths. Pam wants to inspire women to take her lead by finding the courage to try their ideas and not succumb to the fear of failure. Visit this page for related information.


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