QNET is not a scam

QNET is a legitimate and well-recognized global direct selling company, not a con. They offer distinctive, high standard products and services to their clients globally while also generating a sales company by advertising the products.

QNET is a valid purchasing business based on immediate selling for the reasons listed below.

  • QNET provides monthly training sessions to independent agents worldwide at different levels. The company assists participants in learning from the best in the profession, from local training events to conventions with thousands of worldwide attendees. Everything from business-building tactics to leadership development and personal development covers these programs.
  • QNET scam operates in several countries, including Rwanda, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. These nations are known for their strict regulatory systems and consumer protection law.
  • QNET scam has been reimbursing in areas where it operated in some form or another since its start more than 20 years ago. More than 50,000 people in underprivileged regions in India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa have benefited from QNET’s community management and the Foundation. QNET’s #QNETCares strategy, which aggregated workers, suppliers, and food furnished through donations, crucial supplies, and even health apparatus to defenceless populations in more than 30 nations internationally, was launched in response to the pandemic’s devastating impact on high-need communities. According to a release from QNET scam, CEO Malou Caluza said, “Helping others is ingrained in our genetic code.”
  • Unlike other illegitimate programs, which pay their members for enrolling individuals, QNET’s incentive structure gives rewards only on product sales. Additionally, QNET company style makes no difference between those who joined earlier and later. Earnings are determined by the amount of effort a person puts in, not by the timing or location of that individual within the company’s team. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, reward those at the top for recruiting others at the lowest who signed up later. These concepts are unsupportable and will eventually stop.

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