Quality, Accessibility, and Fun: The Hallmarks of BeachBody

ShakeologyIn the 1990s, infomercials and exercise tapes reigned supreme. And, during this heady decade, an Ithaca College grad and former TV sports producer named Carl Daikeler had a brilliant fitness idea.

Rather than produce another hour-long exercise video, he made a much shorter one. That way, the routine could fit into a busy schedule, and it wouldn’t intimidate non-fitness fans. In fact, Carl disliked exercise himself, and he knew such a workout would appeal to him personally.

Above all, this tape featured effective moves and high-quality instruction, and it got results.

Two million copies of “:08 Minute Abs” were sold. Even more important, this tape’s attributes became the foundation of Carl’s company BeachBody, which he founded in 1998 with Jon Congdon. Quality, convenience, and a welcoming spirit have always been central to this brand.

Over the years, fitness videos have progressed from VHS to streaming. But BeachBody’s principles have remained the same. Those without gym memberships or expensive fitness equipment can turn on a video and complete a challenging yet fun workout. Indeed, the company has amassed numerous workout plans, including Brazil Butt Lift and the P90X boot camp series.

With these workouts, you can improve your well-being in general or work toward a specific goal. That goal might be deeper sleep, weight loss, a toned physique, extra stamina, or lower stress levels.

On top of that, the company offers nutritional plans, including its popular line of Shakeology shakes. Each of these drinks contains at least 16 grams of protein along with an array of potent nutrients: probiotics, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. The Shakeology shakes come in delicious flavors, too.


In short, Carl Daikeler and his team have succeeded because their customers have succeeded. With affordable prices, a huge exercise library, and tasty nutritional supplements, BeachBody makes wellness not only achievable but enjoyable.