: Scott Dylan: Mentor, Entrepreneur and Investor

Scott DylanScott Dylan is dedicated to helping businesses turn around so that they can offer high-quality products and services. He has helped over 100 businesses, including many startups to grow. The Fresh Thinking Group leader has a strong understanding of people and business, and he has the skills to acquire troubled companies and fix them.

With time and patience, Scott helps his businesses turn from their current situation into something new and better. With a sharp eye for managing businesses, Scott Dylan (Fresh Thinking Group) is dedicated to having positive impact on the business and the communities in which he invests. He creates business environments that are humanized to attract top-notch talent that companies need to thrive.

According to studies, 75% of the businesses in the UK have a headcount of more than 15 employees; two thirds are owned by individual investors. This makes them very attractive targets for an array of investment strategies. Despite their relatively small size and low-level of development, these businesses have the potential to compete on a global scale.

Every business has their unique strategy and approach to building their business and some of these tactics may not suit every business in every market. However, there are some fundamental principles that everyone must pay close attention to.

With a focus on people-centered culture and results-driven progress, Scott Dylan (Fresh Thinking Group) employs his expertise in capital investment, digitization, organizational development, international operations, team building, post-acquisition activities, and business revitalization to create successful businesses.

The managing director at Fresh Thinking Group is passionate about developing human capital and talent in businesses across the UK. He has acquired and established high-growth businesses across a range of sectors and has successfully built a thriving team of advisors to support and provide specialist advice to businesses through their growth phase. Scott Dylan has also provided investment and mentorship to several companies.

Scott believes passionately in creating a people-centric, collaborative environment for his associates, and is known to put his associates first by taking on the difficult and multi-faceted issues that can sometimes plague the firm’s growth. Scott Dylan has spent his entire adult life helping businesses make more money. The Fresh Thinking Group leader looks for things that are like him, or which he has the skill set. This doesn’t mean Scott won’t go chasing adventure.