Stephen Bittel’s Growth Strategy Centers

About TerraNovaCorp

TerraNovaCorp (TRNC) is an international real estate and asset management firm with a vision to create a new breed of real estate developers.

TerraNovaCorp is one of the most profitable real estate development and management firms globally.

Company culture

Bittel’s growth strategy centers on keeping the same company culture he developed at Terra Nova. This means that employees are treated like family, the company’s vision is the foundation of company culture, and people are valued for their talents and contributions.

Employee recognition is a huge part of keeping the culture intact. Stephen Bittel created the “Go Big or Go Home” program at Terra Nova. This program gives team members the ability to celebrate achievements and recognize others for their hard work. This unwinding process keeps people engaged and invested in the company.

How Bittel built Terra Nova’s brand and identity

Terra Nova’s brand and identity reflect its core quality, balance, and beauty values. He wanted the company to stand for something positive and elegant.

Stephen Bittel, CEO of TerraNovaCorp

Stephen Bittel is the pioneer of TerraNova’s international operations, a seasoned real estate professional.

Bittel’s Vision for the company includes:

– Creating an attractive, high-quality development that blends sustainability and luxury.

– Creating a community that is inclusive, safe, and of high quality.

– Creating a company that shares his vision and values.


Real estate is a significant industry that is ever-changing with the rise of online shopping.

A great way to stay on top of real estate trends is to follow real estate leaders. These leaders are those people who have built their companies on fundamentals, such as ownership, debt, cash flow, and the power of their brand.

It’s essential to look at these trends from the outside to see how companies adapt their strategies to stay relevant.