The Career of Alejandro Betancourt

On the surface, it might seem as if Alejandro Betancourt has it all, but the truth is it is not nearly as easy as he makes it look. So, what is the secret to the longevity of his career & success? Well, it all started back in the fall of 1980 when he was born in the heart of Venezuela known as Caracas.

From there, he went on to be a model student which is how he had his pick of any college in the nation. In the end, he opted to go with Suffolk & this is when Alejandro Betancourt decided to go for a dual major in the fields of business administration & economics.

He knew it would not be easy but was determined to see it through to the end. So, he studied as hard as he could & it all paid off when he was able to walk across that stage & receive his degree in the spring of 98.

After he was done with his studies, he opted to go into the energy sector & they have since expanded to pretty much every corner of the globe. He later went on to work for Guruceaga, one of the companies that deals in international trades.

Alejandro Betancourt then went on to work for BGB energy, a company that represents the nation in a joint venture with GESCA GAS. They also worked with Kawasaki to ensure they were able to accomplish their goal.

He is known to be a descendant of one of the former presidents of the nation who was known as Hermogenes Lopez. Alejandro Betancourt now serves as the chairman & CEO of Derwick, one of the most well renowned energy companies in the world & hopes to keep helping as many people as possible.

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