The Inspiring Efforts Led by A Gordonstoun Student in Fundraising a Brain Tumor Research Program

Being a Gordonstoun Student, Scarlett Sykes has created an excellent reputation for herself and the school due to her inspiring efforts in fundraising for a brain tumor research program.

After witnessing the emotional trauma and distress she and her family experienced after losing the stepfather to a brain tumor, Sykes decided to help families and individuals suffering from brain tumors through her Facebook fundraising project.

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The fundraising project led by Sykes was a massive success.

As an eighteen-year-old Gordonstoun student, Scarlett Sykes raised 3,000 sterling pounds for the brain tumor research program.

After her stepfather, Paul Malcolm has diagnosed with an aggressive stage three brain tumor, Sykes’ family was deeply in utter shock.

According to Sykes, her stepfather was highly fit and healthy and never showed any signs and symptoms of any illness.

When Malcolm was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, he studied for his acceptable art degree while also working as a frontline NHS nurse.

In addition, he had just completed two operational tours in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, Malcolm died later after five weeks.

Sykes was just fifteen years old when she lost her stepfather to a brain tumor. She is currently eagerly waiting for her A levels results with the hope of joining Goldsmith University in London to pursue a degree in psychology.

Through her fundraising efforts, Sykes hopes that the brain tumor research program will improve the survival rates of patients who have any cancer, including breast cancer and leukemia.

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