The Learning Strategy Used At IM Academy

IM Academy is a startup created in 2013. The goal of this company is to provide online education for foreign exchanges through interactive exercises.

This startup has no physical office space, allowing them to hire employees from around the world. This has also allowed them to provide diverse learning materials for more international exchanges.

Each of the four training programs offered by IM Academy are called academies. Each program starts with a selection of videos. With the information learned, students must complete interactive exercises. If a student is stuck, they can talk to an educator that can brief them on their mistakes and what they need to learn.

Each of the online sessions is offered in multiple languages, days, and time zones so that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn. Those who can’t access a live session can also watch pre-recorded content to catch up on their learning. All of this content is offered through their website and mobile application.

Students must complete a quiz at the end of each learning module. To go on to the next module, a student must have a passing grade. This process solidifies the information in a student’s head.

IM Academy operates by utilizing a subscription program. Users currently subscribed to the academy can access an unlimited amount of learning modules. Subscribed users are also able to download any pre-recorded content to view offline. Go to this page to learn more.

Once users have learned enough, they will be asked to invite independent sales representatives to work with IM Academy. These are program participants that must sell products and invite other members to join their team. By being a member, users gain access to 24/7 customer service for any of their problems.

The academy can also be found on social media. This includes websites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.


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