The New Reign of Investment for the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group is a distinctive private equity firm that was established in 1998. Having a robust management panel behind its operations, the firm has developed a comprehensive portfolio market with over $41 billion assets. This is on behalf of more than one thousand seven hundred investors who originate from different localities in the United States and other world zones.

Due to the high number of customers that the company has secured, it has more than nine hundred employees working in different company subsidiaries spread evenly worldwide. The employees have been trained about offering exceptional customer experience to the customers to attract more potential investors from different world zones. Developing a good working platform for the company has recorded a drastic growth within the past few years.

The company, Fortress Investment Group expanded its investment capabilities by acquiring more potential investments in New York and across the globe to increase its financial streams. This began with the purchase of Majestic Wines that was staggering after an economic fluctuation that affected its growth and development. The firm is currently managing the Majestic Wines with all its subsidiaries across the United Kingdom.

The agreement signed between the two companies has given the financial firm the responsibility for the management of its operations and propelling the development of the company brand to the next level. The firm has given the company a new look and presence in the market, developing its name in the industry. This is expected to continue for the Majestic Wines to attain its goal in the business.

The Vannin Capital in New York is another business that is currently working under the management of the Fortress Investment Group. Note that the Vannin is a developed finance litigation portfolio that has spread its roots in different parts of the United States. The Fortress Investment Group is in the management stewardship for the company until further notice.