Vik Bansal; The CEO Of InfraBuild

Throughout his career, Bansal has been active in leadership positions in a number of different businesses. Prior to his work in technology and data, he worked in project management and supply chain consulting.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Vik did an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. Vik believes that Australian manufacturing sector can thrive post-pandemic. Vik Bansal InfraBuild says that Australia is well positioned to be able to learn from the experience of China and Germany and in turn position itself to export synthetic graphite around the globe.

Vik Bansal, who is the CEO of InfraBuild and a venture partner at Connect Ventures, has a huge ambition to make Airbnb mobile truly what it’s meant to be. “Airbnb makes it easy for anyone to list their home and make extra income, so our team is working hard to make it easier for guests to make reservations and payments on the go.

Most importantly, we are continuously focused on ensuring we deliver a great guest experience – but only once there is a great host experience as well. If hosts can’t create compelling listings or earn enough with their listings, they aren’t going to stay with us over the long term.”

After college, Vik Bansal began his career as a research assistant. After a year, he attracted the attention of Aneesh Reddy, who at that time was launching a company in the e-commerce space. This online platform was called Next Big What (NBA), and it offered an online platform for independent authors to publish their content. Are you aware that NBA claimed the second spot in Alexa’s top global websites just five years after its launch?

They changed their name to “NextBigWhat” to better reflect their growth plans, and this name change paved the way for NBA’s 10X growth rate over the next few years. Click here for more information.


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