The Process of Alexander Payne’s Movies

In the entertainment industry, Alexander Payne is a filmmaker that you should know. He has been working in Hollywood for over 20 years, and his films have been nominated for many Academy Awards. Alexander’s movies are known for being grounded in reality with a touch of humor, which he achieves by casting actors who feel […]

Kip Lewis: Remote Business Operations is a Necessity that Organizations Have to Consider

For several years, many businesses in Round Rock have not been paying attention to the remote operations that some businesses have been adopting. The use of remote employees has always been seen as an innovation that has gone beyond what very many entities have been thinking technology will provide to various organizations. It is an […]

Why IM Academy’s Popularity Has Increased Significantly In the Last Few Months

Many professionals in the education industry have realized that there is a high demand for higher education institutions. Therefore, some have decided to start colleges in different countries to offer education programs for students taking different courses. Some of the colleges that started operating a few years ago have continued gaining popularity. However, most of […]

Pamela Baer’s Accomplishments To the San Francisco Quality Of Care

Pam Baer, a community leader in San Francisco, is a source of pride for the city. In addition to her charity endeavors, she is well-known for her extensive work. Baer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in marketing and finance. The beginning of her spectacular career in the financial services […]

HaroldoJacobovicz career to success in the InfoTech

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born to civil engineering couple. He is a Brazilian entrepreneur and civil engineer who his parents inspire. He has dedicated his life to transforming the information technology industry. As he grew old, he used to see parents developing lifetime physical structures, which inspired him in his business ventures. He pursued a Bachelor […]

John W. Hayden of Hauser Private Equity Recognition by Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Laureate award of achievement recognition is celebrated in the more significant part of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The award is given to individuals who have made remarkable impacts beyond their respective fields by improving communities via their leadership. John Hayden, a board member in Hauser Private Equity, received the award from the […]

ClassDojo: An Educational App that Listens to Teachers

ClassDojo has become a major player in education, with more than 25 million users worldwide. The classroom management app was built by listening to teachers’ needs—and that strategy paid off. When ClassDojo co-founder Kunal Shah, a former product manager at Google, started working on the app in August 2011, he knew it had to be […]

Dave Antrobus on Managing Tech While a Pandemic Approaches

Dave Antrobus is the CEO of Fresh Thinking Group, specializing in designing and implementing digital transformation strategies. He has worked with some of the world’s largest companies on their digital transformations, including Starbucks, Nike, Hilton Worldwide, Vodafone UK, and many more. Dave Antrobus also co-founded Company Cultures which educates leaders about creating cultures where people […]