Roland Dickey Jr Transforms The Barbecue Restaurant To An International Company

Have you ever thought about the hospitality industry of the Uni9ted States? Do you know some of the best restaurants in the country? United States is said to have the best hospitality sector in the world following the quality of the restaurants and hotels in the country. Multiple companies in the United States have formed […]

Napa Valley Preaching

Approaching Hopewell Baptist Church, you see a beautiful, modern-looking, inviting place where you can hear the Word of Creator. Nearly 50 years ago, the church began in a living room of someone’s home. Many changes later, Hopewell Baptist Church is an established and passionate place of worship with a pastor who inspires the lives of […]

Three Reasons to Study at Online Trading Academy according to Former Economist of SEC

Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, the former chief economist at Online Trading Academy, compared the financial education offered at different financial institutions. During the interview, he expressed his concern about the inadequate financial training most institutions offer their scholars. Dr. Harris even said that some universities are amongst the institutions offering scholars trading skills that can’t […]

Cloud Inventory, A Breakthrough For Supply Chain Leaders

What the modern-day manufacturer and distributor need to run their daily businesses effectively is software that can provide business control. DSI is always looking for new software that can offer this control; their latest cloud inventory provides all the power they need to control their business and realize an increase in productivity and revenue. With […]

All About Author Solutions As A Leading Supported Self-Publishing Services Provider

Author Solutions is the worldwide leader in giving self-publishing services. The establishment was launched in 1997, and since then, it has helped and sustained the professional mission of uncountable authors. More than two hundred and fifty thousand authors have had their breakthrough in publishing, with the firm facilitating publishing of more than three hundred thousand […]

IOA Foundation and John Ritenour Enhance Social Responsibility

John Ritenour is a co-partner in the founding of IOA, a famous insurance firm with several locations in the US. Since its founding, John Ritenour has been dedicated to advancing and developing the charitable section of this company. Heath Ritenour, his son is currently the CEO, and John is left with more time to do […]

Virtual meeting on Products-LifeWave

The covid-19 pandemic has caused a change in all sectors, including the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Organizations have changed their way of meeting, and now meetings and conferences are held virtually. Lifewave is among the organizations that have been connecting with their clients and distributors virtually. Recently the health and wellness firm organized its first […]

Wes Edens, CEO of New Fortress Energy Signs a 15-Year Term Memorandum of Understanding with Hydro’s Subsidiary

  New Fortress Energy’s CEO, Wes Edens, is reaching his goals of creating an existence in the Brazilian market and proudly announced a partnership with Hydro’s subsidiary. On April 19th, LNG Industry reported New Fortress signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with Norsk Hydro to supply natural gas to its refinery. This is a […]