About IM Academy

IM Academy was started in 2013 by Forex experts and independent entrepreneurs Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. Their dream was to offer an online platform easily accessible for Forex education via a subscription model.

IM Academy aimed to offer interactive and accessible training for Forex fans to help them get skills they could use in their trading. Over the years, IM Academy has grown to a large corporation with approximately 225 000 subscribers who gain from its educational services and products.

IM Academy’s business structure now includes various subsidiary units in some of its international markets, registration of legal units only in parts where a regulatory necessity exists, or where registration units provide a risk tax or management advantage. Its headquarters are located in New York, a legally registered business.

IM Academy prides itself on constantly being in front of the curve and has continuously maintained a remote operating model for its workers.

By saving money on business real estate expenses and office space, the business can focus on employing top-quality talent with no geographical limitations and focus its energies wholly on its educational task. This business model allowed IM to place itself in a way that functions efficiently and without disruption regardless of the alternative measures demanded by the Covid 19 pandemic.

Moreover, IM Academy’s products are acquiring modules called academies. These academies comprise four distinct training programs on the IM. Academy site that new clients can easily access through a referral by a client or an IBO. Additionally, every video module comprises a sequence of informational videos and limitless interactive GoLive sittings.

Students can use the concepts they have studied in the videos in actual circumstances. Also, they provide the students who have subscribed with a basic understanding of how Forex trading works and how to use IM video sessions and GoLive sessions to add their knowledge

Follow their Twitter page on https://twitter.com/mastery_im, for more information.