Alejandro Betancourt’s Strategy to Fruition Hawker’s Philosophy

A clear philosophy without an ideal business strategy isn’t sufficient to engineer a business into the ideal business path. Hawkers had a clear vision of establishing designer, affordable, high-quality, and fashionable eyewear products. Nonetheless, their philosophy didn’t make fruition until they welcomed Alejandro Betancourt to the table. Alejandro brought life to the eyewear fashion company hence attracting a massive following and skyrocketing revenue.

The company’s initial capital was 300 dollars, and through Alejandro’s business strategy, the company has over $100 million in revenue. Through Alejandro, O’Hara Administration, his Asset Management Fund, injected $56 Million into Hawkers. The company developed an indisputable reach in Europe, North America, and Asia. Today, the company has sold over 4.5M of sunglasses in over 50 countries.

According to Betancourt, an entrepreneur falls multiple times. Nonetheless, you need to rise and keep trying. Due to the persistent nature of the founders, the brand has over 200 employees and offices in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Elche, and Barcelona. Alejandro Betancourt invested $21.7M more in the brand. The investment made gave him 50% control.

Hawkers eyewear company has a rich Facebook following with over 6.6.M likes. The company prides itself in online sales, enabling them to maintain the affordability aspect of its eyewear products. As the president of the eyewear brand, Alejandro Betancourt, through CEO, Nacho Puig identified brand ambassadors who would help create social media excitements about the brand.

A good example is the 5000 college students who became the product’s ambassadors in their designated campuses. The company has also embraced celebrity endorsement, including Leo Messi’s. Leo Messi has an eyewear line in the brand. Companies like Mercedes-Benz and PayPal have been using the brand sunglasses. Other celebrities include Usher, Felipe Massa, Nicky Romero, and Dani Alves.

Even though Alejandro Betancourt didn’t know his grandfather, the former Venezuela President, Hermogenes Lopez, he has helped fall into his steps. He has, therefore, established philanthropic work in Venezuela through installing electricity, underwater cables, and railroads. Betancourt is an alumnus of Suffolk University in Boston, where he graduated with a double major in Economics and Business Administration.

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