Alex Pissios is a Chicago Story_CN

If it is true that everything is temporary, Alex Pissios is proof that significant changes for the better can happen in as fast as a few years. That is because Alex Pissios found himself on the negative side of real estate and property development in Chicago. At the young age of 35, he was more than 13 million dollars in debt and didn’t see a way out.

However, as luck would have it, he got a second chance at a family wedding reception, and life if as sweet as a movie. 

While at the receptions, he connected with family members, specifically his uncle Nick who lived in Toronto, Canada. His Uncle Nick stepped away from the family business and got into the film industry in 1990. He launched Cinespace Film Studios, one of the largest studios in Canada. Not shy about discussing work and finances, Uncle Nick asked him about his work and finances. That was when Uncle Nick knew his nephew needed his help. The first order of business was for him to file for bankruptcy. 

Although humiliated and humbled, he allowed his uncle to help him create an opportunity and future that he had not imagined. 

Under Uncle Nick’s guidance, he found a 100,000 square foot building that would be a perfect accommodation for a studio with three soundstages. Since getting the space in 2011, Alex Pissios has changed the landscape in Chicago, and Cinespace Chicago now has 31 soundstages and is one of the largest production complexes in Chicago. 

Alex Pissios is proof that everything is temporary. With the help of his Uncle Nick, Alex has changed the trajectory of his life for the better.