Betsy DeVos Keeps Up the Fight

Betsy DeVos Does Education Right

Betsy DeVos was appointed as the secretary of education during President Trump’s time in office. Why did he choose DeVos? Betsy DeVos had made a name for herself as a champion for parents rights. While Betsy DeVos comes from a wealthy family, she realizes that not all families have the same opportunities when it comes to education. Wealthy families have the opportunity to put their children in private schools. These private schools offer children smaller class sizes, and private school educated children often get several more opportunities than public school children do not receive. Betsy DeVos put into play several different scholarships and programs, but she wanted to do more. DeVos wanted to offer parents more opportunities when it came to charter schools and homeschooling. Due to her efforts to close the gap between education and opportunity, she has helped her state of Michigan to be the state with the largest number of charter schools in the US.


Betsy DeVos and the President

While President Trump was in office, he decided to make a controversial move. In previous administrations, laws had been enacted that protected the right of transgender students to use the bathrooms of the sex that they identified with. President Trump felt as if this was a law that was no longer going to be allowed during his administration. He told his team that he was going to make the announcement, and Betsy DeVos was not in agreement. She expressed her feelings to the president, and she decided to make a move to ease tensions. She got in contact with well-known leaders in the LGBTQ community and warned them of the president’s decision. When the president made his announcement, Betsy DeVos was by his side, and she did not show any signs of being in disagreement. Even though she didn’t like his method, she stayed faithful to the president.


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