Chad Price: A Dynamic Leader

Within a world where change is inevitable, Chad Price has shown his ability to excel and to accommodate shifts in business. The medical field is ever evolving. As the CEO of Mako Medical, Chad Price has made sure to leave a powerful mark in the realm of healthcare. Mako Medical has been a pioneering force in helping many communities through numerous initiatives, such as placing an emphasis on hiring veterans, assisting in lowering drug prices, and lowering drug prices. Moreover, Price has indicated that their focus is working largely with nonprofit agencies. This perspective has allowed his company to pursue both its philanthropic and humanitarian achievements. In the face of a worldwide pandemic, Mako has further placed a spotlight on patient health through its usage of personalized diet plans to maximize mental and physical benefits for individuals in their program. Mako’s technological contributions have also provided a leading edge for many people. Tools such as robotics and enhanced imaging services have allowed for increased accuracy in diagnosing and treating various ailments, thereby lowering healthcare costs. Price refers to his company as a force which “disrupts healthcare.” Conversely, Mako appears to transform healthcare into an innovative and relevant new implement to improve the lives of all those which it serves. Price’s tutelage will surely lead it into the future and then even farther.


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