Cloud Inventory, A Breakthrough For Supply Chain Leaders

What the modern-day manufacturer and distributor need to run their daily businesses effectively is software that can provide business control. DSI is always looking for new software that can offer this control; their latest cloud inventory provides all the power they need to control their business and realize an increase in productivity and revenue.

With online warehouses, businesses should recognize that they are headed in a direction where the warehouse does not have walls. Therefore, having the power to stay in control of every stage in business is one of the most important priorities for businesses. Cloud inventory gets to provide the visibility and control businesses need to run successful businesses.

The main role of cloud inventory

Customers of the newest cloud inventory get to enjoy; the use of applications that provide visibility into the warehouse needs and field needs. Further, the software is easy to use. It comes with a flow chart and a low code/no-code platform; thus, customers will spend less on programming fees. Also, the cloud inventory software comes with a dashboard that helps the customers monitor their inventory performance in the field.

DSI President and CEO Mark Goode has indicated that the newest DSI cloud inventory is a breakthrough in his latest statement. For a long time, supply chain managers have lacked visibility into their business. Finally, this software brings the old debate to an end as it serves as the ultimate solution. Read this article to learn more

A look into Field Management Inventory

As the name suggests, the Field Inventory intends to offer control beyond the warehouse walls. The software is designed for mobile use and is easy to use. Further, the Field Management Inventory can be implemented fast and offers support to several languages. With this software, customers can have complete visibility of their inventory wherever the location.


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