Don Manifold’s Passion for Bringing Wealth to Local Communities

Don Manifold began his path in the advisory industry by working in Adelaide for KPMG after graduating from university. KPMG is one of Australia’s leading firms, offering audit, advisory, and tax-related services for companies worldwide. At the age of 21, Manifold left his position in Adelaide to begin working at Equity & Advisory.

According to Manifold, Equity & Advisory wasn’t quite the massive success it is now. Equity & Advisory had been dormant for about five years when he joined. Manifold’s main task was to breathe new life into Equity & Advisory. That’s when Manifold began leading Equity & Advisory with the idea of helping make this company’s local communities wealthy.

Don Manifold remains at Equity & Advisory, now serving as this company’s Joint Managing Director. Equity & Advisory helps private and family companies with many types of corporate decisions, including raising capital, making divestments, acquiring other companies, and restructuring. This company is also notable for making sure that its leaders worked as managing directors or partners at large organizations, ensuring they have the skills and experience necessary to do well in their roles.

One of Manifold’s recent achievements was helping to drive Equity & Advisory’s massive growth, becoming ten times more valuable in only four years. Don Manifold credits this company’s stellar growth and ability to make local communities wealthy to one of his former mentors: Michael Kean, the mind behind the Sharing, Refining, Proposing, and Delivering model. This model focuses on advisors bringing ideas to clients that help them achieve their specific goals.

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