Elevated Profits Are in the Books for Sports Illustrated and The Arena Group

Ross Levinsohn Ross Levinsohn, a prominent media industry leader, has worked intelligently for the last 40 years to lead his employers to major gains. His extensive efforts have included time working in executive roles for Yahoo!, GDM, Maven Media, CBS Sportsline, Whisper Advisors and Fox. These positions have been followed by current professional efforts leading The Arena Group and Sports Illustrated. As has been the case with the other companies that he has successfully headed up, Levinsohn’s time as The Arena Group’s CEO and as Sports Illustrated CEO has been tremendously fruitful.

When Ross Levinsohn initially took on the role of Sports Illustrated CEO, he did so at a critical time when the sports brand was at a major crossroads. The brand’s audience members were in the midst of a major shift from preferring the print magazine to opting for digital content on its well-designed website. As their focus migrated, the impact on Sports Illustrated’s monetizing efforts was significant. Levinsohn decided to take action to bolster website-based profits through the establishment of a second online paywall. After this paywall was created, Sports Illustrated started generating more online income from a subscription level that granted early release content.

The Arena Group purchased Sports Illustrated’s extensive digital rights in 2016 under Ross Levinsohn’s initiative. At the time, The Arena Group added this brand to its sports vertical. It joined brands in other verticals for finance and lifestyle content. More than 300 brands are currently served by The Arena Group, including Relish, Maxim, History.com, Spry Living, Athlon Sports and others. More recently, The Arena Group purchased Parade magazine under Levinsohn’s watch for $16 million, and it added Parade magazine to its lifestyles collection. With the publication in more than 700 Sunday newspapers and a huge reach that touches more than 54 million audience members, the addition of Parade magazine has taken The Arena Group’s expansive audience to almost 122 million members.