Gulf Coast Western Company Review

Matthew FleegerGulf Coast Western Company has been around for over 30 years and specializes in various industries, including oilfield services, construction, petrochemicals, and more. Gulf Coast Western reviews show that this company is a great place to work with many growth opportunities. Glassdoor review from one current employee who says “people are always on the go here” as well as another who says, “I have had some really good managers.” The most common complaint seems to be about how long it takes to get promoted.

Manta reviews mention that they’re a great place to start your career, but you’ll need to move up or out if you want to advance. And also, reviews mention that you’ll be working with some of the largest companies in their industry and “can’t get any better than this.” One employee was very pleased with everything done above board without worrying about being scammed or shorted. You’ll be working with a “family” and will feel like part of one from day one on the job, while another mentions how they were considered family within their first year on the team. There are also complaints about how there’s always someone on your phone or computer even when you’re in the office, making it difficult to get work done.

Matthew FleegerGulf Coast Western reviews also state that they have a great opportunity for growth and flexibility with working hours. One complaint was that upper management seemed very inflexible in reducing costs by sending employees home early without warning them ahead of time. Another mentions that if you want advancement opportunities, you’ll need more experience than most other companies require. This company likes promoting from within whenever possible, depending on who is available at any time rather than hiring externally like many oilfield services companies do. If you’re looking for advancement, this might not be the right job because there seem to be fewer openings than other places due to promoting from within whenever possible, depending on who is available over hiring from outside the company. But if you already have experience here, they’ll likely enable from within before considering someone else hired externally as well, which isn’t an issue if you don’t mind waiting until another opportunity comes up or finding something else more quickly elsewhere while still employed by Gulf Coast Western Company.