HaroldoJacobovicz career to success in the InfoTech

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born to civil engineering couple. He is a Brazilian entrepreneur and civil engineer who his parents inspire. He has dedicated his life to transforming the information technology industry. As he grew old, he used to see parents developing lifetime physical structures, which inspired him in his

business ventures. He pursued a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Parana. While still studying, he formed Microsystem together with three peers in the early 1980s. Their business dealt with automated inventory and cash management for customers. With the knowledge in this venture, he acquired valuable lessons in his career, such as hard work and technical skills are necessary for business. After years of working in the infotech solution industry, He established Horizon Telecom in 2010. Under his umbrella, the company has become Brazil's recognized telecommunication distributor that mainly deals in fiber network only and multi-point redundancy for stabilization. He has also launched a cloud computing firm in 2020, Horizon Datacenter, to maximize the connectivity and cloud ability to organizations and enterprises. He is a natural innovator working in an analytical data-based industry, making him succeed.


HaroldoJacobovicz believes in reading to develop his knowledge in the businesses that he is venturing into them. He has used this weapon in growing his career. Haroldo is constantly seeking information and learning everything that he comes across relating to his career. He has also put effort into becoming a marketing analyst later the head of commercial strategy in a Brazilian firm.

HaroldoJacobovicz career has to be a rough path and he has succeeded at last. He has founded e-Governe Group, Horizon telecom and Horizon Datacenter, aspiring to his entrepreneurial dreams. All these firms under his umbrella have been instrumental in providing information technology solutions by availing great talent and strategic material in one place. Haroldo Jacobovicz institute has supported at least 20 institutions in Curitiba. This foundation has vast funding and a team concerned with social issues.