How Ross Levinsohn Helped Sports Illustrated Find Itself Again

Ross LevinsohnFor most of the 21st century, Sports Illustrated struggled to deal with the emergence of digital content. During the 20th century, it had developed a following among sports fans who couldn’t wait to get the newest issue sent to their homes each week. However, as people started to consume content online, the magazine couldn’t figure out how to reach readers in an effective way. Fortunately, Ross Levinsohn found a solution that worked in today’s online world.

Sports Illustrated Creates Print and Digital Content

According to Levinsohn, publishing a print version of Sports Illustrated makes it appear more sophisticated. He argues that only publications with low budgets should restrict themselves to online channels. However, Ross Levinsohn does recognize that there is value in digital content as a means of drawing in a larger audience for the brand. Therefore, the company makes a point to add value to its online properties whenever it has a chance to do so.

Sports Illustrated Has a Strong Relationship With Its Publisher

Since August 2020, Ross Levinsohn has been the CEO of Maven, which is the company that publishes Sports Illustrated. In addition, it provides the magazine with the tools it needs to distribute and market its print and online content. Levinsohn was given the job based on his ability to help Sports Illustrated find a place in the modern business landscape.

What Else Has Levinsohn Done During His Career?

Prior to joining Sports Illustrated and Maven, Levinsohn spent six years working for Fox Interactive Media. From 2000 to 2006, he helped the small digital offshoot become one of the largest content producers in the world. Today, Fox Sports One (FS1) is the broadcast home for soccer matches, major college sports events and other athletic contests that draw millions of viewers. Levinsohn has also worked for Yahoo, Guggenheim Digital Media and Tribune Media during his 30 years as a professional.